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Private Pilot Certificate

A private pilot certificate allows a person to fly for pleasure with less restrictions than with the sport, or recreational pilot certificates.


The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time which include a minimum of 20 hours dual instruction and 10 hours solo.


Training Costs

The minimum training costs for the Private Pilot certificate are as follows: 

Items highlighted indicated the minimum training requirements, which total $5750.00, the additional items are necessary, but seldom are shown to the consumer up front.

 40 hours of aircraft rental   $4000.00
 30 hours of dual instruction (includes 10 hrs of ground)  $2100.00
 Private Pilot ground school (optional)   $500.00
 Private Pilot kit  $187.00
 Headset rental (optional)  $200.00
 FAA written test   $175.00
 Practical test   $700.00

                                                    Total              $7862.00

                    (Prices shown using the Cessna 152.  Actual costs may vary based on individual need)

Guaranteed Private Pilot Certificate

Many people are afraid they may not be able to finish the Private Pilot training within the minimum time requirements, and therefore are unsure of the exact cost that it will take to obtain the certificate.  Air-O-Drome Aviation is excited to announce the Guaranteed Private Pilot Certificate!  For one low price, you will receive all the books, materials, and training to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate.  The entire program cost must be paid up front to enroll in the Guaranteed Private Pilot Certification Course.  Course must be completed within 12 months of enrollment.  Course cost is $9500.

The following is included for one Low Price of $9500!           


* Aircraft Rental (up to 60 hours (Cessna 152) as needed) $6000 value
* Dual Instruction (ground and flight training up to 70 hours as needed) $4200 value
Ground School $500 value
Pilot Kit (books & materials) $187 value
Headset Rental $350 value

                                                                       Total Value:   (as high as)      $11,237.00 value


* Guaranteed Private Pilot Certificate price of $9500 is only good for up to the total hours needed to obtain the Private Pilot Certificate, and in any case, no more than 60 hours aircraft rental (Cessna 152) and 60 hours instruction within a 12 month period from date of enrollment.   Any additional instruction needed beyond the 60 hours will be billed at the current hourly rate for aircraft and/or instructor.