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Certified Flight Instructor

 Flight instructors are professional pilots teaching other people to become professional pilots.  A flight instructors life is not a dull one, it is constantly filled with exciting moments and many opportunities to teach the new skills required to be a pilot.  As a first time solo student takes to the skies, the flight instructor can't help but anxiously watch with great anticipation of a successful outcome.    The journey to become a Certified Flight Instructor(CFI) can be a very rewarding experience.  Times and prices include both the initial CFI as well as the Certified Flight Instrument Instructor (CFII).  

The minimum cost is as follows:

 10 hours additional flight training   $1750.00
 25 hours ground training  $1250.00
 CFI pilot kit  $120.00
 Written Tests (3) CFI, FOI, CFII  $495.00

 (additional examiner fees may apply)

                                                       Total:                       $3615.00


                       (Actual cost may vary based on individual need)